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You work hard to save money and plan trips and vacations, so the last thing you need is more work during your trip. You want to pamper yourself, and rightfully so, with maid service, hotel concierge service, valet or car service, room service and any other services that allow professionals to make your vacation more comfortable and convenient. Even when yours is a business trip, you want the comforts and conveniences that allow you to focus on your work with as few distractions as possible.

Whether your trip is for work or leisure one persistent distraction and inconvenience is doing time-consuming, luggage related chores: Packing suitcases, transporting luggage to the airport, waiting in line to check luggage in, waiting in baggage claim to pick up luggage, the expense of catching a cab because your luggage is too cumbersome to take public transportation, the time and expense of baggage storage when your flight arrives early and you have a late check in time, and all of the same on the return trip home.

Our Concierge Luggage Services allow you to utilize precious resources such as  time, money and energy enjoying your trip instead of handling luggage. Services include:

  • Baggage Storage You don’t have to drag your bags around Atlanta, we will store them for you in our secure storage facility located in Downtown Atlanta. These services are convenient when you have an early arrival on bus or plane and a late check-in time, you have an early check-out and a late departure time, you have a lenghty layover at the airport or bus station, you are attending a downtown event and cannot take your backpack/pocket book into the venue, etc. Learn more about Baggage Storage… Purchase Baggage Storage
  • Cloud Closet   For you, this is a totally hands-off service. We store, pack, send, retrieve and clean you travel clothes. This service is perfect for you if you are a frequent traveler, member of a sports teams, are planniing an extended vacation, work out of town for extended periods on construction projects. Learn more about Cloud Closet…
  • Door to Door Luggage Delivery If you want to avoid the time-consuming hassles associated with checked luggage  we will pick up your luggage from your home and deliver to your destination and back to your home when the trip is over. Learn more about Door to Door Luggage Delivery
  • Remote Airline Check-in  On the last day of your organization’s convention we can set up a desk at the convention site, check in your delegates’ luggage to their perspective airlines, transport it to the airport and issue boarding passes. This is a TSA regulated service and requires at least 45 days advance booking. Learn more about Remote Airline Check-in
  • Luggage Delivery from Airport – With this convenient service you can start enjoying your trip as soon as your plane hits the ground. Our agents will grab your luggage from baggage claim and deliver to the destination of your choice. Learn more about Luggage Delivery from the Airport

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