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Group Travel Planners

Provide a More Efficient, Enjoyable Group Travel Experience

Event and group travel coordinators now have the opportunity to provide an even more efficient, hassle-free group travel experience. By combining our Luggage Delivery and Remote Airline Check-In services, attendees travel luggage-free and clients use time more productively on every business trip.

How It works For Group Travel

On arrival:
  • Clients provide the travel manifest for all group passengers.
  • Atlanta Baggage Storage will mail custom luggage tags with detailed instructions to each attendee.
  • Attendees check their bags at the airport as usual; however, they can bypass baggage claim entirely when they arrive at the destination airport.
  • Attendees can head directly to the event or conference.
  • Atlanta Baggage Storage agents will retrieve the group’s luggage at baggage claim and deliver it to the hotel or event venue.

On departure:

  • Atlanta Baggage Storage prints boarding passes and luggage tags for all attendees the night before flight departure and delivers them to attendees’ hotel rooms.
  • Attendees check their luggage at the Atlanta Baggage Storage Airline Check-In counter at the hotel or convention center the day of flight departure.
  • Attendees proceed from the hotel or convention center directly to airport security screening, avoiding long airport check-in lines and the necessity to rush to the airport early.
  • Attendees flying home to airports served by Atlanta Baggage Storage have the option of using our luggage delivery service, allowing them to bypass baggage claim while our agent retrieves their luggage and provides delivery to any address within 100 miles of their destination airport.

Benefits for Event and Group Travel Organizers:

  • Attendees associate the convenient travel experience with the event. Attendees can travel luggage-free, skip airport check-in lines, bypass baggage claim, and get right to business.
  • Less time is wasted waiting for and handling luggage. More events, activities, and interactions can be added to any conference.
  • Event schedules may be shortened, resulting in reduced costs associated with room fees, food, and personnel.
  • Transportation costs can be lowered due to reduced luggage volume, as Atlanta Baggage Storage assumes responsibility for luggage transportation.