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Cloud Closet

Whether your aim is to save time, money, aggravation, or to just to have a more convenient trip, Cloud Closet provides the ultimate Concierge Luggage experience. Cloud Closet gives you the ability to pack your clothes, have your clothes delivered, retrieved, cleaned and stored with the touch of your finger.

If your business requires frequent travel, there are so many situations outside of your control like late or cancelled flights and baggage handling that you want to get maximum efficiency from the processes that are within your control. Cloud Closet provides the highest possible level of efficiency when it comes to  handling your luggage. We store your travel clothes in our secure storage facility. You can then “pack” your luggage and send it to your destination in just a few seconds using our mobile app or website. At the end of your trip, our agents will collect your luggage, return it to our location, clean and fold your travel clothes and store them until your next trip.

If you are on a sports team or have multiple stops on your trip, you can use our app to schedule delivery of clean travel clothes from your Cloud Closet to each stop on your trip. Additionally, we will retrieve your dirty clothes, clean, fold and return them to your Cloud Closet. No longer will you have to spend time in the hotel laundry room or carry dirty clothes from city to city. Cloud Closet gives you more time for….life!

Cloud Closet is best used for:

  • Frequent travelers
  • Sports teams
  • Extended vacations

Compare Cloud Closet rates with major airlines checked luggage rates.

Allegiant Air American Delta Frontier Spirit United Cloud Closet Rates*
1st Bag: $18 – $50 1st Bag: $25 1st Bag: $25 1st Bag: $25 – $60 1st Bag: $30 – $100 1st Bag: $25 $60
2nd Bag: $18 – $50 2nd Bag: $35 2nd Bag: $35 2nd Bag: $40 – $45 2nd Bag: $40 – $100 2nd Bag: $35 $60
3rd Bag: $18 – $50 3rd Bag: $150 3rd Bag: $150 3rd Bag: $75 – $80 3rd Bag: $85 – $100 3rd Bag: $150 $60
Bag max 40 lb. Bag max 50 lb. Bag max 50 lb. Bag max 50 lb. bag max 40 lb. Bag max 50 lb. No Bag Max

*Cloud Closet rates for luggage of similar size

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