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Travel Agencies

More Convenience for Your Customers

Our remote Airline Check-in and luggage delivery services add a new level of convenience for your customers and presents additional sources of revenue for your travel agency.

Additional Source of Revenue

By integrating our service offerings into your travel agency’s booking pattern, you provide your customers with expediency of travel while adding a new source of revenue as you receive commissions on each service order. Our customizable technology allows for integration into your booking pattern in four ways:

  1. Full integration – the service offer is integrated into your own booking pattern and payment is taken on your site.
  2. Full integration with voucher – the service offer is integrated into your own booking pattern as an add-on service. Once the transaction is complete, the customer receives a voucher that can be used to register for our services on our website.
  3. Partial integration – the service offer is integrated into your own booking pattern, but when the traveler clicks the link, they are brought to our website along with encrypted data that is used to pre-populate order details; the customer then completes the order on our website.
  4. Hyperlink inclusion – a hyperlink to our website is included in your check-out process or confirmation email, but no data is passed to our website; the customer must complete all order details on our site.

How ABS Luggage Delivery Works:

  • Travelers register on the our website, through our call center, or via our customized partner portals
  • Travelers check their luggage at the airport and proceed to their flight as normal
  • Upon arrival at the destination airport, travelers bypass baggage claim and begin their vacation or business trip immediately
  • Atlanta Baggage Storage agents retrieve the luggage at baggage claim and deliver it to any address within 100 miles of the airport
  • Travelers receive emails on delivery status and have access to 24/7 customer service and support