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Luggage Storage - Are you arriving in Atlanta, have a lot of luggage and can't get into your hotel until late afternoon? Or, do you have to check out of your accommodation early and your departing flight doesn't leave until a few hours later. These scenarios make it difficult to make the most of your trip. The solution is to drop your baggage off at a Atlanta Baggage Storage  luggage storage location.

The main problem with Luggage Storage in Atlanta is that there are many online luggage storage apps. Most of these luggage storage apps located out of the country, and send emails out to businesses to find some that will hold your luggage. They don't know if the potential luggage storage location is safe of in a safe neighborhood, whether its clean or, if its secure enough to be a luggage storage option.

Atlanta Baggage Storage is located in the US, in Atlanta and uses the Bagij App to make it easy for you to access our luggage storage services. We have several luggage storage locations. We are expanding to other cities but, before we bring in other luggage storage locations, our agents makes sure they are safe, clean trustworthy businesses. Additionally, we also provide mobile luggage storage. If you are on a deadline or, don't want to waste valuable time traveling to a luggage storage location our mobile luggage storage couriers will pick up, hold and return the luggage to you.

A really cool aspect of our mobile luggage storage service is that the luggage storage courier can return your luggage to you at your hotel or, meet you at the airport and return it to you there or, any place that is convenient to you.

Luggage Delivery to/from Airport - When your plane arrives at the airport and you are in a crunch for time or, you don't feel like waiting in baggage claim or, you've waited in baggage claim as long as you can, our couriers will pick up your luggage from baggage claim and deliver it to your accommodation. Or, if you have a late flight and an early check out time and your hotel is holding your luggage for you, instead of ending your fun early to go back to the hotel to retrieve your luggage, our luggage delivery couriers will pick up your luggage from the hotel and deliver it to you at the airport.

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Luggage Storage Hub in Atlanta

Luggage Storage Atlanta

Luggage Shipping

Bagij makes travel easy for less by providing time-saving Door-to-Door Luggage Delivery services.

No more standing in luggage check-in lines or waiting in baggage claim or babysitting luggage until your accommodation becomes available. Bagij takes the Drag out of traveling with Bags.

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Cloud Closet

If you like packing suitcases, dragging bags through the airport, waiting in baggage check-in lines and baggage claim, washing clothes while on the road, you are going to Hate this service!

We store, deliver, retrieve, wash fold and store your travel clothes until your next trip.

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Luggage Storage

If you arrive in your destination city early in the day you will have to drag your luggage around until your accommodations are available.

Our luggage storage service gives you the option to have your luggage picked up by a mobile luggage holder or to drop it off at one of our secure storage hubs.

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Luggage Storage Atlanta


We will store your travel clothes in our facility until you need them and deliver to your destination. When your trip is over we'll pick up your travel clothes, clean and pack them until your next trip. Use our app to select the travel items from your Cloud Closet you want delivered to you.


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