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Luggage Delivery Gaffe Almost Caused NFL Game Forfeiture

Luggage Delivery Gaffe Almost Caused NFL Game Forfeiture

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As an avid sports fan, I have seen almost every sort of finish imaginable. I've seen walk-off grand slams, last second buzzer-beating 3-pointers, I've seen Tiger and Serena storm back and win after incredibly slow starts. I was actually present during the infamous pine tar game at Yankee Stadium, and the replaying of the final 2 outs.

But what almost happened in Foxborough in this past Sunday's tilt between the Chiefs and Patriots would have been a first for me. Bad Luggage handling almost caused this game to be forfeited. Read the following from Doha Madani over at NBC News

An equipment container containing some of the Kansas City Chiefs' shoulder pads, helmets and footballs has arrived in Foxborough, Massachusetts, after it was mistakenly sent to Newark, New Jersey, a team spokesman said Sunday.

The container was not unloaded Saturday and instead accidentally made its way to Newark, then had to be rushed back to Boston in time for Sunday's 4:30 p.m. ET kickoff between the Chiefs and the New England Patriots.

The container held the bags of roughly 35 players, according to a source. If the Chiefs hadn't gotten the equipment by the time the game started, they would have had to forfeit, per a source. Kansas City was responsible, not the Patriots or the league. The Chiefs did not take the equipment off the plane.

"I never heard that before," one source said.

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