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Baggage Storage in Miami

Baggage Storage in Miami

luggage storage Miami helps take the drag out of traveling with baggage.

Luggage Storage Miami helps you do this!

Baggage Storage in Miami recently received a huge boost due to the expansion of the Concierge Luggage Services platform, Bagij into the Miami area. If you are looking for what to do in Miami the first thing you need to do is find a baggage storage location and the Bagij platform will help you do that.

Bagij makes travel easy by taking the Draggage out of traveling with baggage. Draggage is the negative effects of traveling with checked and sometimes, carry-on luggage. It includes frustration from having to babysit luggage after and early arrival while waiting for your accommodation to become available. Or, an early check-out time while waiting for your flight. Draggage is the mental drain that comes with waiting in baggage claim in Miami International Airport for luggage that eventually may or may not arrive. Draggage includes the physical strain associated dragging luggage from you home to the Miami airport, to the rental car, to the hotel and, the same on the return trip. Draggage is having to spend time and energy washing clothes during a lengthy trip.

Bagij provides scheduled and on-demand luggage services that removes Draggage. Depending on how much Draggage you can bear, Bagij has the right solution for you.

Baggage Storage Hub – Baggage Storage Hubs are places where you can store your baggage for a few hours. Bagij has located, screened and partnered with trusted businesses who will hold your luggage while you use precious hours of your trip doing something other than babysitting your luggage.

Local Luggage Delivery – Your hotel may offer to hold your luggage after check-out. But, what if your activities are an hour away from the hotel and, your hotel is an hour away from the airport? That means that you have to cut your activities short by two hours to come back to the hotel to retrieve your bags and take them to the airport. Draggage!

Local Luggage Delivery is an on-demand service that will pick-up your luggage from the hotel and deliver to you at the airport. Or, when your flight arrives, you can just go about your business and our trusted couriers will pick you luggage up from baggage claim and deliver to your hotel, home or, any desired destination.

Nationwide Luggage Delivery – This service removes about 80% of your Draggage. We will pick up luggage from your home and deliver it to your destination when you arrive. No dragging luggage to the airport. No waiting in line to check luggage in. No checked luggage fees. No waiting in baggage claim to retrieve your luggage. No babysitting or dragging luggage around town while waiting for your accommodations to become available. No dragging your luggage to the hotel when it becomes available and, no repeating all of the above on the trip home.

Cloud Closet – Cloud Closet is a premium concierge luggage service that completely eliminates Draggage! After the traveler opens a Cloud Closet account, we store sets clothes the traveler normally takes on trips. Before a trip the traveler uses the Bagij app to select the clothes he wants and schedules their delivery. If it is an extended trip or a trip with multiple legs, the traveler schedules delivery to each location they are visiting. Bagij agents deliver the clothes when and where scheduled and retrieve, wash and store the previous set of travel clothes until their next scheduled delivery.

So, regardless of what you are doing in Miami baggage storage in Miami or, one of Bagij other Concierge Luggage services will help take the Draggage out of traveling with baggage.

Baggage Storage Hub

Baggage Storage Hub in Miami

Luggage Storage in Miami

If you arrive in your destination city early in the day you will have to drag your luggage around until your accommodations are available. Luggage storage Hubs are locations throughout Miami where you can drop your luggage off for a few hours.

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Mobile Luggage Storage

Mobile Luggage Storage


With mobile luggage storage our couriers will come to you, pick up and hold your luggage while you have fun. Then they will bring your luggage back to you at your designated time.

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Local Luggage Delivery

Local Luggage Delivery

We will pick up luggage from your hotel and deliver to you at the airport

With Local Luggage Delivery our couriers will pick up your luggage from your hotel and deliver to you at the airport. If your hotel holds your luggage for a few hours this service prevents you from having to return to the hotel to retrieve it.

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Nationwide Luggage Delivery

Bagij will pick up your luggage and deliver it to your home.

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Find out how little it costs to travel the easy way; no dragging baggage, no waiting in lines to check luggage in, no waiting in baggage claim, no over-sized luggage fees, no dragging luggage to the car rental center.