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Let's face it, all of our businesses have suffered tremendous financial losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even more so, if your business is in the travel industry. The key to rebounding is to find innovative solutions, sometimes unorthodox, to generate income. That's what we, at Atlanta Baggage Storage have done. 

Atlanta Baggage Storage has been making travel easy for visitors to Atlanta since 2014.Our luggage storage and luggage delivery to/from the airport services have helped thousands of travelers enjoy Atlanta without having to drag their luggage around while waiting for their accommodation to become available or, for their flight to depart. 

A couple of years ago as business started booming we discovered that Atlanta Baggage Storage couldn't feasibly open luggage storage locations in all of the places our services are needed. Accordingly, we started to partner with businesses, like yours, who like to attract more customers and have just a little extra space to use to generate more income. To make this process easy for us, the traveler and vendors, we developed the Bagij platform. We added ride share drivers and taxi companies to our app as service providers for our mobile storage and luggage delivery services. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic drastically curtailed travel we have added some services to the Bagij platform that makes travel easier and helps local businesses generate more revenue.Below you will find a list of the services in the Bagij platform and how they can help your business generate more income.

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Bagij Platform Services And Descriptions

Bagij Rides

All of our couriers have been passenger certified drivers. The difference is now that we've added this service to the Bagij app, you can earn commissions when you refer Bagij Ride to your friends and customers through the Bagij platform.

Luggage Storage

If your business has a little extra space, it can be used for holding luggage for travelers who are waiting for their hotel or flight to become available. Businesses are paid for each piece of luggage they hold.

Food Delivery

If your business food you can add delivery your menu of services. The Bagij platform makes it easy to sign up and start having giving your customers the option to have their food delivered to them.

Product/Package Delivery

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic many proprietors  are experiencing a lack or foot traffic to their businesses. This trend has resulted in a drastic decline of profits. The Bagij platform helps increase that profit margin by providing on-demand delivery of the products  you sell.

Luggage Shipping

Travelers that like to travel free of and unencumbered by luggage use this service to have their luggage picked up at their homes of offices and delivered to their destination when they arrive.

Referral Commissions

You and/or your business can earn revenue by referring any of Bagij services to friends and customers. Once you make the referral through the Bagij app, you will get paid every time some one uses the app for the next 90 days.

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