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Luxury Luggage Services That Make Travel Easy

Try to imagine having the best-ever travel experiences possible. You fly away on a private jet to your desired location with the person of your choice. You book a gorgeous luxury high-rise suite with a hot tub and breath-taking view. Instead of packing for the trip and dragging your luggage around, waiting in baggage claim, etc., you use a magical app to select the clothes you want to wear on the trip and schedule to have them delivered to your destination. Since this is a lengthy trip you schedule your dirty clothes to be picked up and washed at select intervals, while a fresh, clean batch of clothes are delivered to you.

For some, most of the features in this scenario are a dream while for others a regular routine. Interestingly though, the seemingly most far-fetched factor in this situation, the unique luggage delivery services, are the one part of this dream scenario that is readily available to most travelers.

The Bagij Platform facilitates Concierge Wardrobe Management services for travelers. Whether you are traveling for work or play, Bagij makes travel easy.

Available on the Bagij Platform:

  • Book nationwide or international luggage delivery – Forget about dragging your luggage to and through the airport, waiting in baggage check lines, waiting in baggage claim, dragging luggage from the airport to the rental car location or to the hotel. Bagij agents will pick up bags from your home or office and deliver to your destination when you arrive.
  • Book luggage delivery to or from the airport – Leave your luggage in baggage claim. A Bagij courier will retrieve it and deliver to your accommodation when you arrive. Or, they will pick up the luggage from your accommodations and deliver to you at a later time at the airport.
  • Book Passenger Car service – Most Bagij couriers are professional taxi or rideshare drivers and are authorized and capable of chauffeuring you to your location of choice. The advantage of Bajij Passenger is that you can book your pickup in advance to be assured of a timely arrival to your destination.
  • Cloud Closet – Store travel clothes at one of our convenient locations. When you travel simply go to the Cloud Closet app, select the clothes you want and schedule their delivery. When you leave or, at a scheduled interval, your dirty clothes will be retrieved washed and stored until the next scheduled delivery. In the meantime, a fresh, clean batch of clothes will be delivered to you. Additionally, if you are a frequent traveler abroad, you can store your travel clothes at one of our overseas Cloud Closet locations and save tons of money on luggage check fees.
  • Analytics – The Bagij platform’s productivity analytics lets you view how much money and time are spent and saved on baggage related tasks.

The Bagij platform and services dispel the traditional belief that checked luggage-related woes are unavoidable collateral damages of travel. Bagij services significantly improve the traveler experience and makes traveling more productive and more fun. Let Bagij take the drag out of traveling with your bags!






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