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Baggage Related Costs

How much does it cost to travel with luggage?

If time equals money, every minute you spend away not performing your expertise is costing you, big time. Exactly how much you are losing depends largely on how valuable your time is.

Bagij Concierge Luggage services are designed to help travelers do so efficiently by taking care of ALL of the luggage related tasks including packing, cleaning, and delivery.
Now, understanding that the many, time-consuming luggage related costs are not unavoidable it makes sense to learn just how much it costs to travel with checked luggage the conventional way. Then, learn how Bagij Concierge Luggage Services give that time back to you.

Luggage Cost Calculator

Luggage Related Cost Calculator

Luggate related Time Expenditures

Please enter the amount of time it takes to take your luggage to and wait in line to check your baggage on departure

Luggage Related Cash Expendatures

Please enter the average amount of baggage check fees you normally pay


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Find out how little it costs to travel the easy way; no dragging baggage, no waiting in lines to check luggage in, no waiting in baggage claim, no over-sized luggage fees, no dragging luggage to the car rental center.