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How to Maintain Comfort and Health While Flying

Long flights can cause blood clots and high anxiety in travelers. Take these few simple steps to maximize your comfort and decrease the probability of having medical issues during your flight.

How to Maintain Comfort and Health While Flying

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Healthy Flying
For a more pleasant flight, Mexico City’s newspaper El Universal suggests the following: (1) Because air on board planes can be very dry, drink plenty of liquids. (2) Dry air can irritate the eyes, so wear eyeglasses instead of contact lenses. (3) Do simple exercises at your seat to relax your muscles and stimulate circulation in your legs. (4) Take a walk down the aisle every so often. (5) Wear shoes that are easy to remove, and use a footrest—perhaps your overnight bag. (6) Wear comfortable, wrinkle-free clothing made of natural fibers to allow your skin to breathe. (7) Drink alcoholic beverages moderately or not at all, as altitude increases the effects of alcohol. (8) Adjust the air-conditioning so that it does not directly hit your neck or back. (9) Try to sleep, preferably using an eye mask. (10) Chew something during takeoff and landing to alleviate pressure in the ears. Babies can be given a pacifier.

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