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Become A Luggage Storage Drop-Off Location For Travelers

Luggage storage locations help take the drag out of traveling with baggage by providing locations where travelers can drop off luggage for a few hours

Become A Luggage Storage Drop-Off Location For Travelers

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Bagij Storage Hubs - Business That Turn A Little Extra Space Into A Lot Of Extra Cash

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Don't let your Bags be a Drag!

Luggage Storage

Luggage storage is a key factor in having a good trip. So, as a traveler, you know how frustrating it is to haul luggage around. For instance, when your flight arrives early in the day and you can't gain access to your accommodation until late afternoon. Or, when you check out early and your flight leaves late.

In these situations you're stuck with luggage.  And, without luggage storage you have to baby sit luggage until check in time. In situations like these, travelers find a comfortable spot and wait until time to check into their accommodation.

Bagij Luggage Storage Hubs To The Rescue

Almost everyone has to check out at or before noon. So, if the traveler has a late flight and baggage, their day is ruined. Even dining at a restaurant is challenging without a luggage storage location.

Atlanta Baggage Storage, LLC began providing luggage storage services in 2014 in Downtown Atlanta, home of the world’s busiest airport. We have subsequently created the Bagij platform and added other travel-related services which are described below:
Mobile Luggage Storage – Bagij couriers pick up luggage from traveler, or a Hub, hold it for a few hours and return it to traveler.
Baggage Storage Hub – Approved Businesses, like yours, hold travelers’ luggage for a few hours. Bagij pays it's Hubs $4 per bag
Local Luggage Delivery – Bagij couriers pick up luggage from the airport or, any local location and deliver to the traveler’s hotel, a Bagij Hub or any other local location.
Nationwide Luggage Delivery – Bagij picks up luggage from traveler’s home or office and delivers anywhere in the United States. Bagij Hubs help facilitate and coordinate these shipping and delivery services.
PM Luggage Delivery – This service combats porch piracy. Local residents can have their packages delivered to a Bagij Hub and pick it up after hours or, a Bagij Courier will pick it up and deliver to them when they are at home.
Bagij Rides - Bagij couriers are all Uber, Lyft and/or taxi cab drivers who provide passenger rides for Bagij customers.
Currently, Bagij is expanding to your city. Accordingly, we are seeking to partner with businesses, like yours.  We will turn a little extra space into a little extra cash for your business. Additionally, we will pay you commissions for referring Bagij services. And, you will love the fact that funds are available almost immediately through the Bagij Platform.
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Bagij Hubs - Luggage Storage Drop-Off Locations


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luggage Storage

Help Travelers Enjoy Your City

Travelers will remember your business every time they visit your city. Your service will have a positive impact on their trip. As a Bagij Hub, you will make travel easy for many travelers to your city.

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Attract Travelers To Your Business

As a Bagij Storage Hub, travelers, you will give travel agents and corporate travelers access to your business information while planning their trip. When your products and services fits their needs you will gain new customers.

Earn Referral Commissions

Refer Bagij services and earn commissions every time they use the Bagij app over the next 90 days. Many Bagij Hubs are paid as much money in referral commissions as they earn holding luggage

Earn Extra Money Making Travel Easy

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