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Remote Airline Check-In

Remote Airline Check-In service sets up temporary airline check-in desks in venues such as hotels, resorts, and convention centers, allowing groups to check-in for their flights, receive boarding passes, and check their luggage in without dragging it to, and waiting in long lines at the airport.

Here’s how it works:

Our TSA screened agents:

  1. Provide multi-airline check-in services for guests
  2. Print boarding passes and check luggage for guests
  3. Deliver luggage securely to the airport
  4. Take luggage to security for TSA screening
  5. Ensure luggage is loaded onto the plane

Delegates can then head directly to airport security screening on the day of departure without the hassle of transporting their luggage or waiting in long check-in lines. Because guests do not have to rush to the airport, clients benefit from the additional time guests can spend doing business or enjoying activities and attractions. Because guests don’t have to return to the hotel to pick up stored luggage, congestion is avoided while new guests are checking in. Additionally, hotels turn rooms faster, airlines shorten check-in lines, and group event venues reduce transportation and storage costs from reduced luggage volume.

This service requires at least 45 days advanced booking.

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