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Storage Hub Terms and Conditions


The following definitions apply to the General Conditions of Use set out below governing luggage storage and other services offered by Atlanta Baggage Storage, LLC (Hereafter referred to by the app name, “BAGIJ”) and operated by “users” of its platform.

  • “BAGIJ” refers to Atlanta Baggage Storage, LLC and defines the company that operates a luggage storage service and other services on the Bagij app;
  • “Storage Hub”: “Storage Hub” is the user of the platform that provides, via the website app https://bagij.bubbleapps.io/app_user, a luggage storage service and other services in respect of a payment made by the Traveler;
  • “Traveller”: is the platform user requesting, via the website https://bagij.bubbleapps.io/app_user, a luggage storage service and other services;
  • “User”: indistinctly designates the Storage Hub or the Traveler that, when the account is created, accepted these terms and general conditions of use and benefits from the site as a bidder or and the applicant of a luggage storage service (and other services). Users are solely responsible for the effective implementation of the luggage storage and other services;
  • “Service”: refers to the services rendered by BAGIJ to a User via the website;
  •  “Storage”: refers to a set of operations and services that Storage Hubs carry out when the baggage is collected and held temporarily;
  • “Hub services”: means all additional services offered by Storage Hubs, such as tours, food products, etc.
  • “Online booking”: is the system by which users give BAGIJ access to the storage booking service and different services and the opportunity to make payment.
  •  “Payment”: is the amount paid by the Traveler to the Storage Hub, using the BAGIJ platform, defined by the amount of luggage and the duration of booked storage or by the type of different type of services required, net of booking expenses;
  • “Account suspension”: measure put in place in case of verification violation by Users of one or more provisions of these Conditions;
  •  “Prohibited items”: refers to any goods or materials whose transportation and/or storage is prohibited by any law, rule or regulation.


BAGIJ, through its website, offers the services specified below:

  • contacting, through its platform, all users who offer and require a luggage storage service, nationwide luggage shipping and other services;
  • providing an online booking service and payment management


To register and use the online service proposed by BAGIJ, each user must first create a user account, providing their personal data, necessary for the proper functioning of the service. Users confirm that they are more than 18 years old at the time of their subscription.

BagBnab shall in no way be held responsible for the information provided by Users, which may be erroneous or fraudulent.


The storage service is for the Storage Hub to collect, look after and return luggage at the Hub booked by the Traveler, at the dates and times indicated on the booking made on https://bagij.bubbleapps.io/app_user site.


The Traveler is required to complete information on the BAGIJ app regarding the luggage storage. Storage Hub may use the app image as a means to identify Users’ luggage or they may provide an additional claim ticket, at their discretion.


Subjects of storage may be luggage and/or packages containing merchandise or objects for which there is no legal prohibition. The Traveler assumes any liability with regards to the suitability of storage and compliance with the legal requirements of the objects entrusted to BAGIJ for the service.


We are not allowed to store objects prohibited by law or considered hazardous under the national law or whose packaging may be harmful to humans, the environment or to other stored luggage. BAGIJ also doesn’t accept the following items:

  1. Plants and live or dead animals;
  2. Degrees e negotiable certificates (bills of lading);
  3. Money (paper money, coins, credit cards, and traveler’s cheques);
  4. Other non-negotiable money;
  5. Material that could be defined as pornographic or indecent;
  6. Material containing weapons or firearms
  7. Software containing high-value information;
  8. Technological material (iPhone, iPad, Tablet, PC, smartphones)
  9. Waste;
  10. Political material;
  11. Dangerous materials;
  12. Drugs or psychotropic substances;
  13. Works of art;
  14. Antiques;
  15. Metal (gold and silver in any form) and precious stones;
  16. Bulk goods;
  17. Documents, public or private offers of investments, revenue stamps, food stamps and fuel vouchers, etc.


Storage Hub retains the option to look inside the traveler’s luggage if there are security concerns. However, if the Storage Hub wishes to inspect the contents of luggage, these rules MUST be followed: User will open the luggage and move items around sufficiently to allow Storage Hub to view all contents of the luggage. Storage Hub must never open Travelers luggage without written (text or email) approval or instruvtions


The Storage Hub is exempted from any claim concerning the valuables eventually included in the luggage except for criminal acts. Furthermore, the Storage Hub is under no circumstances responsible for any shipping expenses of the luggage. Each Bag is covered under BAGIJ insurance.

9.1 BAGIJ guarantees to pay an amount in compensation for loss of damage to your property, subject to the limitations, exclusions and conditions contained in this clause 9. You should carefully read all of this clause before participating in a booking to ensure that you do not do anything which will invalidate the Guarantee.

9.2 You acknowledge and agree that in all cases, BAGIJ’ insurance Company will decide in its sole discretion whether any claim made pursuant to this clause meets the conditions imposed by this clause, and what exclusions and limitations apply, and the Insurance  Company’s decision on such matters will be final and binding. You further acknowledge and agree that:

9.2.1 We reserve the right to withdraw the guarantee at any time before a claim is made, and following withdrawal no new claims will be considered;

9.2.2 The Guarantee is intended to promote use of our services by encouraging users to formalize their booking arrangements. The Guarantee is guarantee of responsibility between users and is an offer to insure your property and constitute a contracts of insurance.

9.3 In order to be eligible for consideration for an insurance claim, you must be compliant with the following conditions at all times. If, in the Insurance Company’s reasonable opinion, you are not fully compliant with each requirement in this clause, or if you cease to be so compliant at any time during the process of invoking the Guarantee (for example by receiving an insurance payment), the Guarantee will be invalid and no payment will be made to you. If you do not wish or are unable to comply with any of these conditions, you should inform us and the Guarantee will not apply to you:

9.3.1 You must (a) have suffered loss or damage to property during the period of validity of a booking; (b) be 18 or over and a registered user of the BAGIJ App; (c) be a participant as a seeker or provider (referred to as ‘party’ or ‘parties’) of the booking giving rise to the claim; (d) make all bookings only using the online booking system on the BAGIJ App; (e) not have committed a material breach of any of these Terms and Conditions, and (f) if you are the Storage Hub, BAGIJ’ insurance policy covers the Storage Address and Storage Space against accidental damage and theft by a nonemployee of the Storage Hub.

9.3.2 You must be either (a) in the case of Storage Provider, the owner or mortgagee or contracting tenant of the storage space address, or (b) in the case of Storage Seeker, the owner of all the goods in respect of which the Guarantee is to be invoked

9.3.3 You must have used your best efforts to resolve the situation and recover your losses:

(a) Initially, with the other party by mutual agreement as to liability and appropriate compensation with reference to the booking;

(b) where theft or criminal damage or illegal activity of any nature is suspected or alleged, by contacting the police and, following the process of any criminal investigation, making any claim for compensation to any insurer or other body (including without limitation government bodies) which is or becomes available following such investigation; and

(c) by making a claim or claims to any and all existing insurers and pursuing them to their official conclusion.

9.3.4 You must not have received any payment of any amount whatsoever from any other insurer or the other party or any other third party in respect of the loss for which you are claiming.

9.3.5 You must not make any claims under this clause:

(a) for a second time after the original claim was rejected by the Company; or

(b) after 1 week from the date when the loss or damage occurred.

9.3.6 You must be prepared:

(a) to disclose relevant communications from your insurance company to us (to the extent that you are permitted to do so under any confidentiality obligations) including without limitation correspondence regarding any claims you make against any insurance policy in respect of the loss or damage claimed for; and

(b) at the Company’s discretion, to submit a Data Access Request at your own cost to fraud prevention agencies or insurance information exchanges and to disclose all information received to us except where we agree that any part of such information is not relevant.

9.3.7 The Company must not have any reason to suspect you of dishonesty. For the avoidance of doubt, the Guarantee will not apply and your User status suspended where the Company discovers or reasonably suspects:

(a) based on information received from any relevant, reputable source (including without limitation the police or any government or regulatory body), that you are intending or attempting to abuse the Guarantee;

(b) that you have been involved in any fraudulent or illegitimate activity related to false insurance claims or similar dishonesty; or

(c) that any loss or damage which would otherwise be covered by the Guarantee was the result of any illegal or dishonest act or omission by you.

9.3.8 You must cooperate fully with all investigations and requests made by the Insurance Company in carrying out its investigations and obligations under this clause.

9.4 Financial limits of the Guarantee. Subject to the limitations, exclusions and conditions contained in this clause 7, the Company will pay up to a maximum of $500 per claim to repair or replace (at our discretion) your property damaged or destroyed as a result of a Qualifying Loss. Replacement items will be valued at their actual cash value that is their current market value minus wear and tear. The sentimental value of items shall not be relevant to their valuation.

9.5 Process of invoking the Guarantee. Failure to comply with the deadlines in this clause will invalidate the Guarantee. You must notify the BAGIJ using email address listed below or on the contact us page within seven days of discovering the loss or damage for which you wish to invoke the guarantee. You must cooperate in supplying all evidence of your identity, address, and loss or damage suffered as we reasonably require. Where criminal damage, theft or other criminal or illegal activity is suspected, you must have notified the police within 48 hours of discovery and before you notify us, and when you notify the Company you must provide a crime reference number or its equivalent in your jurisdiction. We will contact you within three working days to advise whether your claim is eligible for consideration, giving you one of three responses:

9.5.1 “Claim Invalid”, meaning that your claim is not covered by the Guarantee for the reason(s) stated;

9.5.2 “Claim Pending”, meaning that your claim is on hold until the steps outlined in the response are taken and pursued to a conclusion. This will normally mean that the outcome of a claim against insurance or a criminal investigation is awaited. It is your responsibility to maintain contact with the police and/or insurance company and/or any other agent or applicable entity to follow the process of the investigation, criminal proceedings or claim; or

9.5.3 “Claim Eligible”, meaning that we are prepared to consider your claim and you have 10 days from receipt of our response to follow the steps in clause 9.6.

9.6 If our response to the process described in clause 9.5 is that you have an Eligible Claim, you must submit a full claim within 10 days of that response. A full claim must include:

9.6.1 A statement signed by you confirming that the information in the claim is true to the best of your knowledge and belief;

9.6.2 A complete description of the loss or damage suffered, including dates (which may be estimated where exact dates are impossible to confirm), nature and cause thereof, and including proof of ownership, date of acquisition, physical condition and supporting evidence such as receipts, inventories, quotes for repair work etc., plus the claimed value of any high-value items lost or damaged;

9.6.3 Where you are the Storage Provider, evidence of your ownership or tenant status with regard to the premises;

9.6.4 A statement giving full details and dates of what, if any, action you have taken to resolve the matter, including without limitation negotiations with the other party to the booking, claims against insurance policies and police reports, and all communications with the foregoing, including responses received;

9.6.5 A declaration as to whether any insurance policy or security deposit or other potential avenue of recovery applies. If an existing insurance policy or other mechanism exists but does not apply, the reasons must be given. If they do apply, evidence must be supplied that the process of claiming has been initiated and the claim to the Company may then be put on hold until such process is concluded.

9.7 Upon receipt of a full claim, the Company will evaluate it before making a decision as to whether to make a payment under the Guarantee. Except in exceptional circumstances or those beyond its control, the Company will make a decision within 90 days of receipt of the full claim. As part of its evaluation of the full claim, the Company may do any of the following, in its sole discretion:

9.9.1 Require you to submit a Data Access Request at your own cost to fraud prevention agencies or insurance information exchanges and to disclose the results to us;

9.9.2 Require the parties to the booking to participate fully in independent mediation, and you hereby agree to do this in the event that a full claim is made under any booking with respect to which you are a party to the booking.

9.9.3 Obtain a valuation of any item or items claimed for from an independent expert;

9.9.4 Obtain a loss assessment from an independent expert where we believe it to be necessary. Such experts may include without limitation lawyers, surveyors and pest controllers.

9.9.5 Require you to obtain up to three quotes for repair work;

9.9.6 Make requests for further information from the other party, insurance companies, the police or other authority (including local authorities), or other relevant parties (such as neighbors or witnesses to any incident out of which the claim arises). As a party to a booking, you hereby agree to use your best efforts to facilitate such investigations, including giving your permission for information to be released to us where we reasonably require this, and including where the person making the full claim is the other party with respect to which you have made the booking;

9.9.7 Conduct interview(s), either ourselves or via a representative, with either party or with any relevant third party, and you hereby agree to use your best efforts to facilitate such activity;

9.9.8 Inspect (either ourselves or using an expert to carry out the inspection on our behalf) any damaged items or any remaining Stored Items or the Storage Space or Storage Premises upon reasonable notice; and/or

9.9.9 Pay a sum under the Guarantee, or refuse to do so, giving reasons for the decision.

9.8 Exclusions. The Guarantee does not cover or apply to:

9.8.1 Any booking with respect to which the Insurance Company has not received a list of items signed by party requesting such a claim in which all items are individually listed along with their estimated value;

9.8.2 Any loss or damage not reported in accordance with clause 9.5;

9.8.3 Any loss or damage in excess of any limit set out in clause 9.4 arising out of one or more bookings entered into by the claimant;

9.8.4 Items damaged in transition. The phrase ‘damaged in transition’ includes without limitation damage occurring while (a) transporting items to and from the storage space, (b) storing, packing and organizing a storage space at any time during the period for which the booking is valid;

9.8.5 Damage to stored items, or to the premises by stored items, which were not packed reasonably safely and securely, or which were stored in a way that made it reasonably foreseeable that damage to the items or the premises could occur. By way of example, but not limited to, none of the following would be covered: fragile glass items in cardboard boxes with weighty boxes placed on top of them, unprotected photos stored in a damp environment, or items made of cloth packed in an unsealed bag, or liquids stored without being properly sealed, heavy items placed in areas unable to bear their weight, or items that rust due to a damp environment;

9.8.6 Damage caused by reasonably foreseeable and preventable occurrences (including without limitation fire or burst water pipes) where either party failed to take reasonable measures to prevent or limit such damage. By way of example, but not limited to, failing to repair faults in the structure or fittings at the premises or failing to fit smoke alarms at the premises;

9.8.7 Damage to stored items or to the premises by a third party (including without limitation outside contractors engaged by either party, other Storage Seekers who are party to another booking with the Storage Provider, or other adults or children residing at or visiting the storage address);

9.8.8 Single items valued at less than $25 (although such items may constitute part of a collective claim for lower-value items);

9.8.9 Currency, money, precious metal in bullion form, notes or securities; jewelry; works of art or antiques valued at or above $100 documents which would be costly or difficult to replace, including without limitation passports or original versions of business contracts, deeds, and certifications or qualification;

9.8.10 Theft of or damage to any item in respect of which the Traveler cannot provide at least one of the following to the Company’s reasonable satisfaction: (a) proof of purchase of that item; (b) a photograph/email/video actually sent or received of the item and dated on or before the date of the booking; or (c) any other evidence which demonstrates proof of ownership and/or value;

9.8.11 Theft or malicious or criminal damage to items (a) which is not reported to the police within 48 hours of an innocent party becoming aware of it, and in any event within 7 days of the end of the booking period, or (b) where efforts to recover the value thereof (whether via criminal compensation schemes or from existing insurance policies) have been unsuccessful;

9.8.12 Any loss or damage (a) to or caused by Prohibited Item(s) knowingly stored, or (b) to any items or property claimed in respect of any booking where Prohibited Item(s) were knowingly stored. For the avoidance of doubt, the presence of Prohibited Item(s) will automatically preclude any claim by the Storage Seeker against the Guarantee, and may preclude any such claim by the Storage Provider where the Company reasonably suspects that the Storage Provider was aware of such presence, regardless of whether the claimed loss or damage was caused by or related to the presence of such Prohibited Item(s);

9.8.13 Damage caused by stored items to goods or personal possessions owned by the Storage Provider. The Guarantee only covers damage to the fixtures, fittings or structure of the premises;

9.8.14 Damage caused by or attributable to ordinary wear and tear;

9.8.15 Any injury to or illness or death of any person arising out of the booking, or any claim based on the occupier’s liability of the Storage Provider. Such events must be claimed for and/or litigated outwith the Guarantee scheme;

9.8.16 Any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by an event of Force Majeure. These include without limitation earthquake, storm, adverse weather conditions or natural physical disasters, power failures, epidemics, labor disputes, riot or civil disorder, war, acts of terrorism, or acts of God;

9.8.17 Any loss or damage suffered as a result of the theft or misuse of personal data or identity;

9.8.18 Non-payment of any part of the Price or any other monies owed by the Storage Seeker to the Company.

9.8.19 Indirect losses of any kind, including without limitation loss of profit, goodwill, or business.

9.9 Modifications and Cancellation of the Guarantee. BAGIJ reserves the right to modify or cancel the Guarantee at any time and at its discretion.

9.9.1 In the event of cancellation, no new claims will be permitted, but any claims under the Guarantee which are already in process (that is, the email request been sent to us) will be considered in accordance with the version of this clause 7 in effect at the time of submission of the email request.

9.9.2 Where BAGIJ  modifies the Guarantee, we will display a notification on the Site and your continued use of the Website or services will indicate your acceptance of the modification.


Once collected by the Storage Hub, the baggage is stored at a rate of $3.75 per day and is returned exclusively to the person who has signed the document at the time of collection. Any luggage shipping costs will be borne by the traveler.


There is no refund in case of traveler cancellation


Use of the site is subject to acceptance of these Terms of Use. When creating a User Account, Users should check the box “I accept the general Terms of Use of the site and the proposed service.”

Only acceptance of the Conditions allows users access to services offered by the Site. The acceptance of these conditions is integral and indivisible: therefore the users can not choose to only apply some of the conditions or to make reservations on them. By accepting the General Conditions of Use, the User also accepts the “Processing of Personal Data of Users” within the meaning of the privacy policy.

For anything not expressly indicated, reference should be made and are all valid legal provisions under Italian law.

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