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Bagij App Gives Merchants 2 Ways To Generate Extra Income

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Travelers from all over the world as well as travel agents, business travel coordinators, etc. use the Bagij app to access our services in preparation for their trip to your city. Travelers who are on lengthy layovers at the airport or, who arrive early and have an afternoon check-in or, will checke out of their accommodations early and have a late flight also use our app.  In addition to facilitating nationwide luggage delivery and luggage storage services, the Bagij app helps make travel easy by providing discount vouchers from businesses, like yours, in their destination city.

Bagij is inviting you to promote your business to travelers in our fast-growing nationwide, soon to be worldwide, network of travelers. All you have to do is provide information about your business and services . It costs nothing to tell travelers what's special about your business and give them access to your discount voucher. When the voucher is presented to your business and scanned, your funds become available almost immediately minus our small fee (See Merchant Terms) Get started attracting travelers to your business now by completing the form below.


Luggage Holders

Travelers who use the BAGIJ App need a business in your area to hold their luggage for a few hours while the see the town and are willing to pay you to do so. Most of our clients have lengthy layovers at the airport, have several hours to waste before they access their accommodations or, have several hours to wait until their flight leaves.

These travelers do not want to drag their luggage around town all day nor do they want to sit somewhere and babysit luggage all day. You can help them out by providing a convenient, safe place for them to leave their bags while they spend a few hours in your city.

We will pay you $4 for each bag they leave with you and provide an opportunity for your business to make a new customer. Get started turning extra space into extra cash by completing the form below and submitting! Thank you.

Don't let your Bags be a Drag!

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