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Vacation Rental Hosts

Vacation Rental Hosts

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Vacationer Having Luggage Problems

Vacation Rental Hosts

Make Traveling Easy for Your Guests!

Bagij Concierge Luggage Services add a new level of convenience and luxury for your guests and provides additional sources of revenue for your properties.

By our services to your guests, you provide them with efficiency of travel while adding a new source of revenue as you receive commissions on each service order. Our customizable booking platform allows  you to refer our services in the following ways:

  1. Guest Referral Link - You can refer guests by simply inserting a customized link in your greeting message. When the guest clicks on your link and books our services the Bagij platform recognizes your link and adds commissions to your account.
  2. Discount Referral Code - You may also provide a discount code in your greeting message. When the guests books our service and uses the code they will receive a discount and the Bagij Platform recognizes your code and adds commissions to your account.

Bagij Concierge Luggage Services:

Mobile Luggage Storage – Bagij couriers pick up luggage from traveler's location, hold it for a few hours and returns it to the traveler. In Atlanta, we have a courier network comprised of over 300 Taxi-cab, Uber and Lyft Drivers.
Baggage Storage Hub – Storage Hubs are approved Businesses that agree to let Bagij platform users drop off their luggage for a few hours.
Local Luggage Delivery – Bagij couriers pick up luggage from the airport or, any local location and deliver to the traveler’s hotel or any other local location. Bagij Couriers make the deliveries
Local Package Delivery - Bagij couriers deliver packages to and from participating Package & Shipping partners.
Nationwide Luggage Delivery – Bagij picks up luggage from traveler’s home or office and delivers anywhere in the United States.
PM Luggage Delivery – This service combats porch piracy and give shipping customers more delivery options. Local residents can have their packages delivered, by Bagij Couriers to Package Hubs and pick them up after hours or, if the shipping customer has to pick up after the Package Hub's closing time, a Bagij Courier will pick up the packages and deliver them when the customer is home.

Vacation Rental Hosts


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